Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Does The Rentea Metabolic Clinic take insurance?

No we do not. Often, HSAs and FSAs can be used to pay for membership fees. Check with your HSA and FSA carriers to see if this applies to you!

Who is eligible to join the clinic?

We are accepting patients 16 years and over.

Is The Rentea Metabolic Clinic a primary care clinic? Is it an insurance plan?

No, we do not provide primary care, only specialty obesity medicine. In fact, to join the clinic we need to know who your primary care physician is so that we can make sure they are involved in your plan of care. We do not accept insurance. 

Why not simply get help on your weight management from your primary care physician?

If this is possible for you, great! However, unfortunately most primary care visits within most systems are 10-20 min once or twice a year to see you. This is not enough time to gain the comprehensive approach that is needed for real lasting weight loss. Also, research has shown that many primary care physicians unfortunately have weight bias and not treating obesity optimally as a medical condition. This is why you would come to our expert clinic for all the help to finally feel seen, heard, and understood. We also have aspects such as coaching and complementary medicine built into our membership that do not exist in the traditional primary care clinics.

How do I sign up?

Your relationship with your physician is crucial, so let’s confirm that The Rentea Metabolic Clinic is the right fit for you! To join The Rentea Metabolic Clinic family, schedule a virtual meet and greet. There’s no charge for this meet and greet.

How do I pay for my membership?

The Rentea Metabolic Clinic accepts monthly credit card payments- these are run automatically monthly. HSA and FSA may also be accepted – check with your carrier! Payments are made at the beginning of the month and will apply to that month. There is a one time joining fee of $997 and then monthly membership fee of $250.

I’d like to cancel my membership.

No problem. We do not use contracts and there are no long term obligations. Simple provide 30 day written notice of cancelation. Membership is terminated right at the time of written notice. Upon cancelation we can transfer your records to the next provider.

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