Matthea Rentea MD

Internal Medicine board Certified, Obesity Medicine board eligible, Advanced Life & Weight Loss Coach

Get the medical help you need to lose weight for the last time. At The Rentea Metabolic Clinic you not only have direct access to your obesity medicine physician, but also an entire program that will help guide you from day one on all of the aspects that are needed for longterm sustainable weight loss!

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Expertise on Obesity & Sustainable Weight Loss

  • Developer a close relationship with a specialized obesity medicine physician and weight loss coach, who has also experienced the weight struggle 
  • Complementary medicine

Benefits of a Direct Care Clinic

  • Easy prompt scheduling and secure messaging 24/7 that fits with your busy life 
  • This is a virtual direct care clinic that focuses on weight loss that is available to women residents of the state of Indiana and Illinois. No insurance hassle, just an initiation and then low monthly subscription fee. 

Additional benefits of being part of the clinic

  • Complementary membership in The School of Sustainable Weight Loss (Dr.Rentea is the co-founder)
  • Proven weight loss curriculum, weekly group coaching call and workshops, guided 90 day planner, supportive community

Happy Patients

I love Dr Rentea! She takes the time to listen and cares about my health. She is great at communicating a clear plan of treatment as well!

Kathy G.

What a wonderful Doctor! So happy to find such a caring physician.

Louise G.

Dr. Rentea is thorough, kind and very attentive. I appreciate her professionalism and her availability.

Carla M.

I can’t say enough good things about her! She listened well, was attentive to my concerns and to preventative care and had excellent follow up! I am thrilled that she will be my partner in health moving forward!

Sara G.