About Dr Matthea Rentea

Matthea Rentea MD, internal medicine board certified, obesity medicine board eligible, advanced certified life and weight loss coach

For the past 10 years I have been working as a physician helped countless women to achieve their best weight and thrive in wellness.

As someone who had my own lifetime weight struggle, I know how hard it can be to lose and maintain weight loss.

Failure to be able to lose weight is often in our culture seen as a moral character flaw. As a physician I know that this stigma would never exist if you came in for treatment for something such as asthma. Yet with weight, the standards are different. I want to change that!

Extra weight can be treated in the same way as other medical problems. I am here to help in a loving, compassionate way that you might never have experienced as a patient.

If you’re ready to take this seriously and finally get the help you have always wanted, let’s see if The Rentea Metabolic Clinic family is right for you. To join The Rentea Metabolic Clinic family, schedule a virtual meet and greet. There’s no charge for this visit.

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