The diet industry lies

The diet industry wants you to think that the weight loss answers have to be given to you. The problem is then you are never able to function independently. This creates a hard situation for us as then once that 30 day program or whatever it is is over we don’t know what then to do! or we hate whatever it is we are doing but it’s “part of the program” so we think we have to keep doing it. But if we don’t like it, why would we keep going with it?

I think we buy into all this because a lot of us want to get the weight off quick or finally want to feel good about achieving the weight loss. But why can’t you feel that good way today even before one pound is off? See, by feeling some relieve today it makes it possible to figure it all out!

When we are loving to ourselves we do more for ourselves! We show up better. We keep asking what would be needed to figure it out. We allow for mistakes. We allow ourselves to be human!

So my challenge to you today is what would you need to think today to support yourself compassionately?

For me is always reminding myself that I keep showing up daily to figure it out! I am an energetic problem solver but don’t have to solve it all overnight. What I am doing is enough.

Have a great week friends! ❤️

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