No perfection needed for weight loss

Before I actually started having success losing weight I had this thought that I had to be perfect with the diet or I wouldn’t be able to make it happen. Of course then at the first overeat I would make it mean I couldn’t ever do it.

What I’ve learned now is that overeats and mistakes are part of the process! What if it was expected and the learning was in what we do after that dictated the long term success?! What I’ve learned is that failing forward is my super power. I have to learn from every time I eat something I didn’t plan or overeat something – those are my best learning moments! it’s amazing now how something that would have derailed me before now suddenly is something that will help me grow so much.

So I challenge you to next time after you overeat ask yourself these questions. This is part of a discovery sheet I do with my clients after:

– what did I eat?

– why did I eat it? (Hint: our thoughts drive our feelings which then drive our actions- you are looking here for the thought- that sentence that your brain told you right before the overeat!)

– what’s the learning here?

– what does the future version of me who has lost all the weight think about what just happened?

– if I treated myself with compassion now, what’s the next step here?

Let me know how those process goes for you!

Have a great week friends. ❤️

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