Getting started on weight loss- no motivation needed

We usually think that to get started with weight loss there has to be a large amount of motivation. This is not true! In fact this time with losing weight I have not called much on motivation. Little know to most is that motivation gets used up during the way. It’s not the thing I can rely on by the end of the day! Instead, making some slow realistic sustainable changes has made all the difference.

Below and my top 3 get stated right now tools:

1) habit stacking. In the book Atomic Habits by James Clear he talks about starting small and building on habits. Let them stack up over time to be all the things you want. For example, with food start with one meal you can plan and follow and over months get to the point where you are following a full 24 hour plan. It doesn’t all have to happen at once. In fact, you might be much more likely to stick to it when it’s done one small part at a time! What is one thing you can do daily for the next week? I recommend it’s easy and fits already into your life. Once you have the really well established then you can level up with one more small thing. You got this!

2) celebrate the wins. Our brain love this! I start and end every day now by asking myself what 3 things are going good right now?! At first it was an effort. Now it’s fun! I can’t wait for when I can say everything that’s amazing.

3) drop the rush. I no longer rush for weight loss. Why? Because I’m losing it for the last time. No prize is given to get it done quick. I find the longterm reward will be to keep it off for life. But that has mean going slower. Noticing problems along the way and delighting in finding solutions as I solve them! The obstacles are not the problem- they are the way to growth and understanding.

What are you finding day to day that keeps you going toward your goals?

Have a great week my friends! ❤️

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