Journaling for long term weight loss

We often wonder why we keep failing with making lifestyle changes. Why we can’t just finally lose the weight for good? The first place I recommend to get insight on this is starting to journal. Why? Because you start to see where your pain points are in life! You will see the same things coming up and then you know where the work is going to be. It’s a different quality when something is written out- so don’t fool yourself that you’re thinking about it in your head so you’re ok. Write it out. Writing stuff out slowly it down. It has a different quality to it.

Here I want to tell 3 quick tips to get started and make it easy.

1. Quick. When I first started I said I will journal for one minute or two sentences. That’s it! Lower the bar way down so you can do it!

2. Daily. The power is in daily doing this work. Find a time when you can make this happen. For me it’s right before work I close my office door and write a few sentences.

3. Drop the judgement. There is no perfection here. Just write anything to start with. Also, there is no dark black core or horribleness we are trying to find. Journaling can be an uplifting positive experience. It doesn’t just have to be all the bad things that are happening. What are all the ways life is perfect right now? Start there!

Have you implemented any written journaling practices for your self-care? Let me know below in the comments what it looks like for you or what questions you have.

Have a great week friends! ❤️

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