Life balance- is it a myth?

With the new year right around the corner, like so many of you I find myself thinking about goals for 2021. Something I come back to eternally is how to balance it all- family, work, etc. How can I get it “right”? Is there even a perfect mix for me?

A friend of mine said the most profound statement the other day: “There is is no balance in this moment but in our lifetime” -Dalit S. My mind was blown!!

How true is that?!

I wanted to share this concept with you on New Year’s Eve. What if each moment isn’t perfect in life but within the course of the year it is overall what you want?

What if you don’t lose a bunch of weight in January but you stick with it and lose maybe 20-30lbs over the course of the year and repeat until you get to your goal?! Could success look really different?

I encourage you to keep that thought in mind that there is no balance right in this moment but in our lifetime. For right now, you get to decide what you do in the shorty term. In the next week, month, year.

What are your New Years goals? Comment below to let me know.

My goal is to keep doing daily written thought downloads and plan to lose another 30-40lbs. I really I have overall a little over 100lbs to lose but plan on losing it slow as my overall motto is to lose it for the last time. I’ve learned it takes learning as I go and not being radically different that doesn’t stick. It’s so different then what I have done in the past! If it happens quicker fine but I find we don’t celebrate enough sustained progress.

Happy New Years everyone! Let’s make it a great 2021! ❤️

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