Managing an urge or craving

With food, I define an urge and craving as wanting a specific food. Often when my clients start to change how they are eating, urges and cravings come out as they are transitioning to a different way of eating.

Try staring here:

-name it! Realize it’s an urge or craving. A good rule of thumb is if if a dry piece of protein won’t cut it- likely it’s not hunger and it’s a craving.

-ask yourself why you want it?

– what happens if you don’t have it?

-can you allow yourself to feel the feeling and not resist it? (Usually urges don’t last more then a few minutes if you don’t resist the emotion)

Tip: urges feel urgent 😳. They are not! It’s just a feeling you don’t want to feel- but what if you’re completely capable and able to handle it? ❤️

I remember this summer when we were at the beach and the kids were eating donuts. I had brought other food that I had planned. In the middle of the day I went to the car to get water and saw the donuts there and was about to eat it but I thought, “what if I woke up tomorrow and haven’t eaten this?” 😄

There it was! That moment when the urge was there and I just asked myself what happens if I don’t have this? It gave me a moment to see all the good things that happen if I don’t have it. By saying no, there were so many other yeses!

Give yourself that time with your next urge. You can do it. ❤️

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