Letting go!

What food belief are you ready to let go of today that is not serving you well?

For some of us that’s such a scary concept! That would mean change and that equates in our mind to danger 😳!

Letting go of our desire for candy or bread. What? You mean I could be a person who literally doesn’t want it? Yes!

Try practice a thought such as, “I am just not a person who (WHAT IT IS YOU DON’T WANT TO BE DOING ANYMORE GOES HERE).”

I’ve practice this with “I’m just someone who doesn’t overeat.” And I say it with real authority to myself- like I’m the CEO of my life that I am 😂. What’s funny is then at the end of the meal when I know I am satisfied and want to keep going from old habits I remind myself of that- “yeah there’s some food left but I’m just not a person who overeats anymore.”

What could that real boss thought be for you and how will you really own it down to your core? 😁🎉

Happy Monday my friends. Let’s have a great week 😊!

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