Picking slow sustainable weight loss

Historically I always wanted weight off quick. But it never lasted. Then I found weight coaching and changed my mindset. I realized what I lost I wanted to keep off. Even if it was 10lbs that year despite over 100 to lose I wanted to change how I was to the core. Although the 10lbs wouldn’t seem like a lot it would really be radical change for me if I could lose it and maintain it.

So that what I did a year ago and the weight I have lost has been maintaining and continues to go down even a year later.

When you set out to lose weight one of the things I establish with all my clients is that they shouldn’t make a change if they can’t see sustaining it for life. For example, most people don’t want to calorie count their whole life. So don’t do it to lose weight. If you won’t do it for life it’s no good to do it to lose the weight- you have to keep doing it!

Find change that is slow and works for you. Experiment often with what works and doesn’t work. Weekly do a reflection on what worked well and what didn’t work well- it will be your personal guide for what to change the next week.

A life and weight loss coach can help you develop that personal plan. I can help. Go to the work with me page to book a consult to see how I can help you.

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