Failing ahead of time

When you think you can’t achieve something so you don’t even try- you are failing ahead of time. We sometimes mask this as “being realistic.”

Then next time you don’t even try, I want you to think about that. That you are failing ahead of time. Giving up on yourself.

When I was trying to figure how to eat better I thought that it meant I needed to get veggies and chop and bake them all myself. With working full time it was exhausting and not sustainable for me. What I did figure out over the course of this year is that combination of prepared salad packages, steamer veggie bags for the microwave, meals prepared by a local place, and frozen Daily Harvest bowels was the perfect mix for me. I liked variety and not being exhausted to make it all. It took me not giving up to get it done!

Think about in your life what do you really want but gave up on?

What would it take for you to give it a try? To make a plan that works?


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