Voluntary discomfort vs mandatory suffering

The other day I was listening to a podcast that has a great quote that got me thinking. It’s was,

“The longer you avoid voluntary discomfort, the longer you’ll have to endure mandatory suffering.” By Edward Latimore.

This made me think about how if we have weight to lose we think that if we make a choice not to the lose the weight right now, that life is ok again being able to overeat and not think about it. But that’s not true! When you don’t address the problem you are in mandatory suffering. Suffering with everything that the extra weight holds you back from.

I want you to make a list today of all the things that being overweight holds you back from?

⁃ Better health?

⁃ More years with your kids?

⁃ New career?

⁃ Feeling less fatigued?

⁃ Getting off prescription medications?

⁃ Better sex life?

-more self confidence?

⁃ Being more physical active?

⁃ What else? Get specific?

Once you have this list you have a more clear picture of the mandatory suffering you are in. Even if you don’t lose weight today, you are making a choice. And you always have one more good decision in you.

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