Physical vs emotional hunger!

This might seem so silly, but how do you know if you are hungry? When I first started out losing weight I had to think about this often! Traditionally we think of our stomach making noises or other physical cues of hunger, and that is correct. But there might also be times where you think you are hungry and that is not occurring. If you have extra weight on your body the reality is as we are all so used to emotional eating (eating for any reason other than hunger)- there will be times when you have emotional hunger. This means you won’t be physically getting any cues from your stomach but still want to eat. Just watch for this! It can be that you are dehydrated or tired at the end of a work day. The key here is realize that it is not hunger but another need you have that needs to be met. Maybe after a long day it means going to bed and not powering through with a snack and Netflix. It takes time to relearn all this without food.

How do I tell if it’s emotional hunger? If I have to sit there and think about it a lot, then it’s coming from my thoughts and not from my body which is where I need to look. Simple, yet so powerful when we are trying to gain a more healthy relationship with our bodies. 

Food only solves physical hunger- nothing else.

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